OIL Forex Analysis for Today, Wednesday (08-05-2024)

OIL Forex Analysis for Today, Wednesday (08-05-2024)

OIL Forex Analysis for Today, Wednesday (08-05-2024)

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OIL Still Under Pressure, Monitor for SELL Opportunities!

OIL Analysis (CLSK)

No Disruptions in Supply

Although the prospects of a ceasefire in Gaza are still unclear, crude oil prices remain stable under pressure as there are no significant disruptions in crude oil supply.

Sell on Break Below Support

Prices are still under pressure. Selling opportunities can be considered if there is a breakthrough below the support level seen on the H4 time frame.

Prediction: WEAK OIL

Resistance Levels

  • R1: 80.06
  • R2: 77.45
  • R3: 81.00
  • R4: 82.39

Support Levels

  • S1: 77.45
  • S2: 80.06
  • S3: 76.28
  • S4: 75.11

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